Advertising industry cutting machine trend 2021

We know that with the development of society and technology, the demand for oscillating knife digital cutting machines in many industries has become greater. Everyone finds that the digital cutting machine brings great convenience to themselves in their daily work, such as the advertising industry, how about the application of the oscillating knife digital cutting machine in the advertising industry?


The application of Realtop CNC digital cutting machine in the advertising industry includes carton box, KT board, corrugated paper, color pattern cardboard, 3M light-emitting material, self-adhesive stickers, labels, PVC, inkjet cloth, soft glass, advertising signs, photo paper, acrylic, Wood, foam, sponge, pp waterproof paper, ACP material, two-color board, etc.


The digital cutting machine for advertising industry generally with CCD camera or Large vision automatic edge patrol cutting system. In general, Customers choose a fixed table or a auto loading table according to their needs.


If you need an efficient, environmentally friendly, durable and multi-purpose advertising industry cutting machine, then I recommend to you the Realtop digital cutting machine with high cost performance. Realtop Digital cutting machine is committed to providing customers with professional and economical industry solutions.


Post time: Sep-09-2021