Cloth Spreading Machine

Cloth Spreading Machine

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1) Scope of application: Medical Protective Coveralls, T-shirts, cotton jackets, suits, trousers, school uniforms, non-woven fabrics, towels, raincoats, single-sided velvet and other fabrics.

2) Product characteristics

a. No cloth shutdown, automatic zero return and reset of origin;

b. When the emergency stop occurs, the cloth that has been laid down will not drag and deform.

c. Streamline appearance, reducing wind resistance, noise and vibration; automatic distribution system;

d.Microcomputer PLC integrated control system, controlled by human-computer dialogue, computer controlled intelligent tension-free laying mode;

e.Easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand icon visualization simplifies operation, improves production efficiency and ensures quality.

3) Technical parameter

Model 1205IN-OZE-160 1205IN-OZE-190 1205IN-OZE-210
Voltage 220V
Power 1KW
Paving speed 0-100m/min(Adjustable)
Single pull height 23mm
Double pull height 19mm
Fabric Weight 100KG(max)
Cloth diameter 400mm(max)
L*W*H  Machine Size 2460*1900*1600 2760*1900*1600 2960*1900*1600
L*W*H Packing Dimension 2550*1750*1280 2850*1750*1280 3050*1750*1280
Net/Gross Weight 370kg/430kg 420kg/470kg 440kg/490kg

4) Functional characteristics

a.The fine range of the adjustment of the loose cloth is wider, the operation is simpler and the adjustment is more precise;

b.Better quality, more stable equipment, faster response speed and longer life of electronic control parts;

c. Laying cloth will not cause slight dragging or too loose slow-down.

d.Single-drawing without pressure and double-drawing with cutting knife have more stable elastic effect on knitting and shuttle knitting.

 5) Major accessories and origin

Accessories name brand Place of Origin Remarks
PLC,486PLC main module, 486 communication board Yong Hong Taiwan  
Encoder, (cylindrical) photoelectric switch, 220V relay OMRON Japan  
24V2P relay Harmony spring Japan  
Touch Screen, Touch Screen Signal Line Whelon Taiwan  
Frequency converter Shi Lin Taiwan  
Cutter Group Rail, Black Plate Cover Panasonic Japan  
Switching Mode Power Supply Ming Wei Taiwan  
Driving motor, placing stepper motor MIG Hangzhou  
Stepping driver Lei sai Shenzhen  
Lifting motor Micro and micro Beijing  
Opposite side, cloth bucket, uncloth, knife line motor Jing Yan Xiamen Germany Brand
Variable frequency motor Jin Gang Fuzhou  

Air-Floating Cutting Machine 1.2*10 Meters


1) Product characteristics

a. Melamine board surface, smooth table surface, all solid wood operation, rugged and wear-resistant, never deformed, easy to cut.

b.Equipped with blow and suction dual-purpose air pump, the fabric can move easily, reduce tension, cut easily and improve work efficiency.

c.Equipped with double-sided stainless steel edge wrapping, it can be compatible with any brand of broaching machine and automatic cutting machine.

2) Product parameters

CLASS W(mm) L(mm) H(mm) T(mm)
Air-Floating Cutting Machine


1830/2130/2330 1200 780-830 30

3) Fan configuration: 3 sets of tables are equipped with a three-phase 380V/2.2kw fan.


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